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After two visits from our cooperating clients agents, the Japanese client came to our company in November with great anticipation to conduct on-site inspections on product technology and quality.

In order to provide customers with a more comprehensive understanding of the development history, business philosophy, technical strength, product quality, etc. of Huanxin Group, accompanied by the company's person in charge, Mr. Wang, the customers visited the company's factory area, Honor Wall, straightening, welding workshop, hot dipping workshop, and exhibition hall in sequence. They warmly introduced the company's product information, technical strength, after-sales service system, relevant cooperation cases and so on. and enthusiastically introduced the company's four main products: 

refrigerator shelvesfreezer basketsair conditioning fan covers  and dishwasher bowl rack

During the visit, the customer gained a detailed understanding of the complete production process of the product, and raised various questions about how to ensure correct dimensions, firm welding, and smooth appearance during the production process. The company's relevant technical personnel provided detailed answers to these questions, with rich professional knowledge, mature manufacturing technology, and strict quality control, leaving a deep impression on the customer.

After the visit, the customer had a serious communication with our company's leader, and the customer was full of praise for the professional quality of the product. Through this inspection, the customer expressed affirmation and praise for our company's long-term high standards, strict quality control, fast delivery cycles, and all-round service. Both sides have conducted in-depth and friendly consultations to further strengthen cooperation and promoting common development, and also looked forward to deeper and wider cooperation in the future!


Post time: Dec-07-2023