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The noise generation of supermarket refrigerator and the methods to reduce the noise

The noise of supermarket freezers will generally make people feel very headache, especially the commercial large equipment used in supermarkets. The occurrence of noise accidents will not only cause their own troubles, but also affect the shopping crowd around the supermarket, with very serious consequences. Therefore, the supermarket should determine the placement of the compressor before the planning, and try to avoid the noise of the compressor to disturb the shopping crowd of the supermarket.

First, the common supermarket refrigerator noise is the noise made by the compressor when it is working. The normal range should be 30-50 decibels. The noise above 50 decibels is generally caused by the failure of the compressor unit.

1. Incorrect capillary length is a common cause of noise. The length of the capillary is too short, which will cause the compressor freezer can not reach the evaporator smoothly, and the blockage will cause noise.
2. The noise of supermarket refrigerator mainly comes from the working sound of compressor and the sound of thermal expansion and contraction of evaporator or condenser.
3. Sound of refrigerant in pipes. The sound produced by uneven product placement and the resonance collision between the pipes will make noise.

Two, the methods to reduce the noise of supermarket refrigerator are:
1. According to the actual requirements of the product to adapt the length of the capillary tube, do not understand the case should be guided by professionals and complete the work of supermarket refrigerator capillary tube adaptation.
2. The compressor base should be firmly mounted. If you press the compressor tightly by hand, the noise will be significantly reduced, and the noise will increase when you lift the compressor by hand.
3. The pipes are securely reinforced with the box. Check whether the reinforced part between the external pipes and the box is loose to avoid resonance when the compressor works. Therefore, the external pipeline must be fixed, bolt to add spring washer, to prevent loose.
4. A good cooling environment for supermarket refrigerators can help supermarket refrigerators work better, and regular maintenance can greatly reduce the probability of noise from supermarket refrigerators on the premise of ensuring stability.


Post time: Apr-15-2023