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Achieve customers and achieve oneself

Recently, the company's head Mr. Wang, the head of the international marketing department Mr. Zhang, and the production manager Mr. Tan successfully completed visits to important customers. This visit greatly promoted the cooperative relationship between the company and customers, bringing more business opportunities and cooperation opportunities to both parties.


This visit was carefully planned and organized by the company's international marketing department and domestic agents of the client. The marketing department has made sufficient preparations in advance, starting with a preliminary understanding of the customer's factory manufacturing background and market sales prospects. Secondly, analyze the inspection standards of refrigerator shelf products for customers and the temperature control requirements for the dipping furnace. While implementing the visit plan, the marketing department also developed a detailed visit process and communication plan to ensure the smooth progress of the visit.


During the visit, the team actively communicated and exchanged ideas with customers to understand the problems with the installation and use of refrigerator shelves, as well as the customer's inspection methods and standards for such products. Through professional answers and suggestions, valuable information and opinions were provided to customers.
At the same time, the team also introduced the company's product and service advantages to customers, showcasing the company's strength and reputation, and winning their recognition and trust.Through this visit, the company not only deepened its understanding with customers, but also further established a good cooperative relationship. During the visit, both parties reached a series of cooperation intentions and consensus, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation. The customer has expressed a strong interest in the company's products and services and expressed a willingness to cooperate deeply with the company.


Post time: Dec-27-2023